John Mayer – Carry Me Away

Copyright Columbia Records

And so continues the saga of lonely John Mayer. This saga began with his last full length album “The Search for Everything” back in 2017 and has continued for the last tow years since. This lonely era has truly gave us some gems in the lyric department like “I still keep your shampoo in my shower / in case you wanna wash your hair” and “Pushing 40 in the friend zone.” If this song is the lead off an upcoming album, then y’all better prepare for lonely John Mayer 2.0.

I originally wasn’t going to talk about this new single from John Mayer. Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying the last couple of his projects like his last single “New Light” and “The Search for Everything,” but this new single initially didn’t strike me as anything too special. As I listened to it more and more though, I realized this song feels like such a perfect end of summer song. The warm and bright instrumentation coupled with the tinge of sadness that all John Mayer songs have is a perfect combination for the end of the summer.

Hot Girl Summer may be over, but for John Mayer, Lonely Boy Fall is just starting.


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